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Night hike to the Wisdom Tree [Hollywood]

8 Apr , 2018  

The Tree of Life Trail is tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, and sits on a ridge smack dab between the Valley and LA Basin. The whole trail loops and also connects to other paths near the Hollywood sign, but I opted for a quick night hike to the Wisdom Tree and back.

Don’t be fooled by the short distance, however, cause the trail is steep with a 600+ foot elevation gain. As my buddy describes it, “it’s like walking up the Culver City stairs 3 times.” Update: they’re actually about the same distance, but the uneven rocky terrain makes it feel much harder.

Bring a flashlight if you decide to hike in the evening, or at the very least your use phone’s light, and leave enough time to get back to your car before the 9pm parking curfew.




  • Trailhead Address: Tree of Life Trail, Los Angeles, CA 90068
  • Parking: Free street parking on Lake Hollywood Drive until 9pm
  • Distance: 1.1 miles there & back
  • Difficulty: 🌮🌮🌮 out of 5
  • Step-By-Step Instructions: 
    1. Walk east to the end of Wonder View Drive to find the trailhead.
    2. Follow the trail up. You’ll see an American flag on top of the hill shortly into the trail. That’s where you’re headed. Yes, it’s that steep.
    3. Don’t fall off the side of the mountain.
    4. Follow the path up for about half mile until you reach the Wisdom Tree 🌳


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