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Hike to the Hollywood sign via Canyon Drive

16 Apr , 2018  

Get up close and personal to LA’s most iconic landmark with a detour to the lesser known (but still famous) Bronson Caves.

Photo credit: Fickr user Sam Howzit


You may recognize the entrance to Bronson Caves, which has made several appearances on screen and served as the Batcave in the original Batman TV series.

If you’re short on time, you can skip the caves all together and head directly to the Hollywood Sign via Canyon Drive.

Like many hikes in Griffith Park, the trail to the Hollywood Sign is completely exposed to sun so lather up the SPF and bring plenty of water.



SCREENSHOT THESE DIRECTIONS: Hike to the Hollywood Sign with a pitstop at the Bronson Caves

  • Trailhead Address: 3200 Canyon Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068
  • Parking: Free parking lot at the end of Canyon Drive. If the lot is full, street parking is available along Canyon Drive.
  • Distance: 6.6 miles there & back
  • Difficulty: 🌮🌮🌮 out of 5
  • Step-By-Step Instructions: 
    1. The trailhead begins at the end of Canyon Drive.
    2. There is a turnoff to the right shortly after the beginning that will take you to the Bronson Caves. You can explore this half-mile loop or skip it and continue toward the Hollywood Sign.
    3. Follow the trail for 1.8 miles until you reach a junction with another wide dirt trail called Mulholland Highway.
    4. Continue left towards the sign at the junction.
    5. Hike for a little over 2 miles more until you reach another junction.
    6. Here, you’ll take a right to go up toward Mt. Lee Trail. (Note: If you want a front-facing view of the sign, you can turn left down Beachwood trail).
    7. Hike up the paved Mt. Lee Trail for about a mile until you reach the summit right behind the Hollywood Sign.


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