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Panoramic loop at Kenneth Hahn [LA]

2 May , 2016   Video

If you’ve ever wondered where to see that iconic depiction of Downtown Los Angeles with snowcap mountains in the background, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area is the spot.


Nestled between Los Angles and the Inglewood Oil Fields, the park offers sweeping views of the basin from one side, and dirty oil rigs on the other. Both are impressive sites and worth the short 2.5-mile walk around the top of the hill.



SCREENSHOT THIS: Community Loop Trail

  • Kenneth Hahn Address:Ā 4100 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90056
  • Cost: $6 entrance fee
  • Difficulty: šŸŒ® out of 5
  • Step-By-Step Instructions:Ā 
    1. After passing theĀ entrance tollbooth, turn left and park in the lot next to the flags.
    2. The trailhead should be easy to spot and begins with a bridge.
    3. The trail curves left after the bridge. Follow this for roughly .05 miles (300 feet), then turn right and start going up the hill.Ā There are 2-3 paths in the vicinity that lead upĀ to the same spot – a gazebo with a single bench underneath.
    4. Follow the dirt trail to the right and continue along the loop.
    5. At this point I veered to the left around the perimeter of the hill, but you can follow the main trail. They meet back up at the .6 mile mark.
    6. Note: As you descend to the .9 mile mark, you can continue left on the Bowl Loop trail aroundĀ Janice’s Green Valley (I made a wrong turnĀ on the map below that made the loop slightly shorter).
    7. Follow the the loop around the bottom of the hill past the picnic tables and parking lots until youĀ end upĀ back at your car.
  • Other Park POIs: Doris’ Japanese Garden, Gwen Moore Lake, Community Center, Burke Roche Point, La Brea Loop trail


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