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Escondido Falls (Malibu)

13 Nov , 2022  

If you’re looking for a mild, near-flat stroll with waterfall ending then check out the Edward Albert Escondido Canyon Trail and Waterfalls. The trailhead starts right off of The 1 in Malibu, minutes north of Pepperdine University, and leads to a waterfall known as the Lower Escondido Falls. The Lower Falls hike can be heavily trafficked at times, but for […]

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Top 4 night hikes in Griffith Park

15 Jul , 2022  

Night hiking is the best way to avoid the hot summer sun or to unwind after a day’s work. It’s even better if you can catch a sunset view above Los Angeles. Lucky for us, there are plenty of accessible and relatively quick easy options located in Griffith Park. Here are 4 of the best […]

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Deep Creek Hot Springs (Apple Valley)

2 Dec , 2021  

Deep Creek Hot Springs is a natural hot springs located in Apple Valley, which is a two and a half hour drive from Los Angeles. Here, you’ll discover a swimming hole, rock pools and even a few nudists (though most people were in swimwear when I visited). Water temperatures range from icy cold to sauna […]

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Explore Amir’s Garden at Night (Griffith Park)

20 Apr , 2019   Gallery

Escape into a maze of plants & trees without ever leaving Los Angeles. You won’t even have to worry about getting lost because reception works fine in case you need to reference a map. The hike to Amir’s Garden in Griffith Park is a short, relatively easy trek that can be done at night with 2 […]

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Take a sunset hike at The Observatory

4 Jul , 2018   Video

The Observatory Trails Peak in Griffith Park is one of the best places to catch the sunset over Los Angeles and several of its major landmarks, like the Griffith Observatory and Downtown LA skyline. SCREENSHOT THESE DIRECTIONS: Hike to Observatory Trails Peak via Mt. Hollywood Trail Trailhead Address: 2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA […]

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Shipwreck hike (Palos Verdes)

19 Apr , 2018   Gallery

Rusted metal is scattered across the shores of the Palos Verdes peninsula after the SS Dominator, a WWII-era freighter, ran aground in 1961. Today, the wreckage serves as a popular POI for hikers. Around the bay, there used to be surf shacks that hikers often used to take breaks at, but most have been torn down to discourage […]

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Hike to the Hollywood sign via Canyon Drive

16 Apr , 2018  

Get up close and personal to LA’s most iconic landmark with a detour to the lesser known (but still famous) Bronson Caves.   You may recognize the entrance to Bronson Caves, which has made several appearances on screen and served as the Batcave in the original Batman TV series. If you’re short on time, you can skip […]


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Night hike to the Wisdom Tree [Hollywood]

8 Apr , 2018  

The Tree of Life Trail is tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, and sits on a ridge smack dab between the Valley and LA Basin. The whole trail loops and also connects to other paths near the Hollywood sign, but I opted for a quick night hike to the Wisdom Tree and back. Don’t be fooled by the short distance, however, cause […]

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Parker Mesa Overlook (Topanga Canyon)

30 Apr , 2017  

Beaches, cities, suburbs and mountains all in one view. The Parker Mesa Overlook lets you grasp the vastness and diversity of LA’s landscape. You can see the whole basin from the ocean to the San Gabriel mountains with the skylines of Century City and DTLA in between. The hike, which begins at Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park, […]

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White City Ruins [Echo Mountain]

8 Mar , 2017   Video

Most hikes end with a rewarding view, but the Sam Merrill Trail just north of Pasadena has an added bonus: the ruins of an old resort. 😮 Back in the day (circa 1883), the Mount Lowe Railway carried tourists from Altadena, CA up the side of this mountain where there used to be a Victorian hotel called […]